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Tombstone Fanzine - By metalheads... for metalheads


Hybrid 13 (Gre) - Hybrid 13 / demo 00

As a pure guess this lot are a bunch of southern rednecks who drink root beer, drive pick up trucks, and spend all day trying to perfect fake ID. I could be wrong though. This is wrong though. The slower parts are some kind of nu (as opposed to new) Guns n' Roses, yet the faster parts have an overwhelming hardcore infusion, intravenously fed into their blood stream. For me it's a blend that doesn't work. "Pessimistic Secret" suffering a rehearsal room sound and a lack of musical clarity. The band aren't as tight as they need to be for this style to work. Give them time. I think they might be giving this CD away for free, so itís worth checking out on that basis. Email your name and address to: or check out their website: